Dan Willoughby

I’m quite early in my career in finance, but I’m loving working here at NOW. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam in 2021, with a first in Sports Business Management, I worked in car finance for a year to find my feet. The job involved meeting a lot of people who were not making the best financial decisions. It motivated me to look for a way to contribute to financial wellbeing. That’s what I do here at NOW, assisting planners in helping their clients.

I’m very interested in finance and I consume books, blogs and podcasts on the topic whenever I can. I’ve started working towards being a financial planner: one exam passed, five to go!

I’ve got a busy life outside of the office. I play basketball, snooker, darts, and go fishing. Plus, between my girlfriend and I we have seven dogs! Though my two, Ruby and Chip are thankfully only tiny.

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