The importance of employee wellbeing

Motivating and retaining your employees is fundamental to the long-term success of your business. The wellbeing of employees is widely recognised as contributing significantly to the success of a business.

To succeed in today’s busy world, employees focus their time and energy on their business priorities and objectives. As a result, many employees have limited time to understand and look after their personal finances, this can impact their wellbeing as they stress over their day-to-day finances or their financial futures.

We can provide your employees with financial wellbeing workshops which can be stand alone or form part of your long-term employee wellbeing programme. We also offer one to one follow up sessions whereby employees can discuss their own situation confidentially. Both of the above are delivered by our Financial Planners who have been through a rigorous accreditation process.

Workshop Format

We offer four different workshops. The workshops are based on different life and career stages. We consider their circumstances and goals, highlighting things that they may encounter and the various options available to them.


For those beginning their careers, from starting work to early thirties, focussing on payslips, spending, budgeting, saving and borrowing as well as the basics of investment planning and pensions.


Into their mid-50s, with employees typically into their peak earnings period, with families growing up, these employees face up to their retirement planning progress, consider intergenerational
wealth planning and reducing mortgages.


For those into their mid- forties, with some major life changes and a developing career, these employees consider the costs associated with getting married, starting a family, education and developing investment and pension knowledge. It also considers protecting the family.


Employees have increased options as to how and when they retire but for many they may want to take a ‘glidepath’ into an active retirement. They can consider their options and how they might protect their accumulated wealth and that of their families.

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